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Damiki Vault BladebaitsDamiki Vault Bladebaits
DamikiDamiki Vault Bladebaits
Sale price$8.00 USD

16 colors available

Damiki Armor ShadDamiki Armor Shad
DamikiDamiki Armor Shad
Sale price$6.00 USD

7 colors available

Damiki Noisy MTB BuzzbaitDamiki Noisy MTB Buzzbait
DamikiDamiki Noisy MTB Buzzbait
Sale price$9.00 USD

3 colors available

Damiki Anchovy Shad 4''Damiki Anchovy Shad 4''
DamikiDamiki Anchovy Shad 4''
Sale price$8.00 USD

3 colors available

Damiki Air Craw 4"
DamikiDamiki Air Craw 4"
Sale price$7.00 USD

1 color available

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